What to Expect

Are you

When your character arrives, whether it be to your recipient’s home or workplace, they will first set about locating the correct person. The majority of our characters are “non-human” like Gorillas or Chickens, therefore, they will not speak but will have a sign asking “Are you …(insert name)…?”.

Once the appropriate person is found, the character will present them with your gift and a “Happy Birthday from …(insert name)…” certificate so that they are aware who has sent their surprise. You can, of course, opt to remain anonymous and have “secret admirer” or something else written instead.

After the gift is given, the performer will do a short routine, which is specific to their character. Here are some examples:

  • Black Gorilla – whoops and hollers around the place in a monkey kind of way, hugging your victim and trying to “groom them”
  • Pink Gorilla – when wearing a pink tutu does a type of awkward monkey ballet to classical music
  • Yellow Chook – Does the chicken dance of course! Tries to get bystanders involved too!


Once the performance has run its course, the character will pose for a photo with the VIP. Please note: As the performer can’t operate a camera/phone while in character, a third party, who is “in on it”, will need to be arranged to take the photo, capturing the moment.

The character will then high five any onlookers, take a bow and depart.

The experience will take between 5-15mins, but laughing at the memories will last forever!

If your VIP enjoyed their delivery/visit, we’d love you to send us a photo or put up a review!